November 10, 2018

The many faces of Black Friday

Written by Zinklar in #Insights

Take advantage of Black Friday deals with our Trend Report. We carried out a study to a national representative sample of British internet users between 18 and 65, on the 7th of November. We were excited enough to want to share the insights with you, so don’t miss out on the chance to streamline your marketing decisions.


All you need to know…

…Is that a mindblowing 8 out of 10 UK internet users have the intention of taking advantage of Black Friday sales this year. WOW! Younger people (up to 24 years old) have already been taking advantage of Black Friday in previous years, 94% in fact. But older shoppers have lagged behind, and this is the first year that groups in the 45-65 age range catch up with younger spenders in taking advantage of Black Friday. It’s official, this post-thanksgiving tradition has migrated across the pond.

What do consumers expect from Black Friday?

Younger generations are the first to have flocked to Black Friday deals. Having lower earnings and a strapped budget, it’s natural that they’d be more deal savvy than others. Delivering good quality service or products while keeping prices within reasonable bounds will attract them to you. And that’s important because there is still a considerable age gap between older shoppers and younger ones, so you can be sure that a big part of your target consumer will be under 35.

Black Friday has also made a reputation for itself as having the better deals, with 52% of those planning to shop stating they find the sales to be much bigger than usual. It’s strategically positioned in the calendar: before Christmas but after Halloween, right at the point when people are starting to wonder if it’s too early to put up decorations. And that’s really the secret to its success, almost 90% of respondents that are planning to go shopping use Black Friday to get better prices on their Christmas shopping list.

Consumers don’t impulse buy on Black Friday, with 6 out of 10 planning for it weeks in advance. This means that revealing some of the deals you’ll be offering could play to your advantage, giving consumers the chance to schedule you in their budget. Our tip: you can put your mind at ease, leaks about your strategy will serve you well. Don’t waste your time trying to shut them down and ride their wave, creating compelling campaigns to go along with the hype.

But there’s a further aspect that affects both shoppers and detractors: 4 out of every 10 consumers think that Black Friday deals aren’t to be trusted, believing that prices are inflated in the days leading up to it. A word to the wise: attempting to do that could easily backfire in the age of user generated content and reviews.

What do we buy, for how much and where?

Our full report finds the chains that will be more successful this year, what products consumers are planning to buy, and through what channels. You’ll be needing it to get a full overview of what your competition is up to. So look no further and download our report today.

Here’s a small teaser: online shopping is key. This is a trend we’re observing everywhere in the age of the internet and convenient shopping. Getting ready for Black Friday also means planning your online presence and investing in improvements to your website, thinking of promotional campaigns online and making sure you streamline your online store.

Whether you’re online or not, a considerable portion of shoppers is already planning to spend more than £200 on their shopping, and this is your chance to reel them in. Use our report to prepare a successful marketing campaign with the minimum effort and better insights.

Finally, we’ve already filled in the most important parts for you by finding out which companies have the reputation of offering the best Black Friday deals. You’ll have to make sure you’re one of them too.


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