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Crisis Management: Communication strategy development for reputation management

Start: 02:59
Target: National Panel
Sector: FMCG

#LiveCrisisManagement #UnlockingDecisions


Environmental concerns in consumer target: Data package for industry conference

Start: 02:49
Target: Retail Purchasers
Sector: Automotive

#ConsumerStudies #U&A


Evaluation of sensitivity to price changes in contingency with communication strategies in rural environments

Start: 01:40
Target: Rural populations
Sector: Media & Entertainment

#InFlightOptimisation #PricingTest


World Cup promotions: Live marketing campaign optimisation

Start: 01:31
Target: Households with children
Sector: Tech & Telecoms

#GRPevaluation #InFlightOptimisation


Concept Test: Innovation in standard household tests

Start: 01:21
Target: Millennials
Sector: Pharma

#ContentCreation #InnovationWorkshop


Market Penetration Strategy: Analysis of competitor strengths, collaboration with consumer target’s desires

Start: 01:00
Target: High-earning households
Sector: Luxury

#ContentCreation #Touchpoints


Marketing & Brand Image: Post-crisis reputation management

Start: 01:00
Target: Households with children
Sector: Financial Services

#AdTest #LiveCrisisManagement


Consumer loyalty in the face of innovation: Product uses and new characteristics uptake

Start: 00:54
Target: Men 60+
Sector: Automotive

#ConceptScreening #Touchpoints


GRP Evaluation: On-screen ad metrics evaluation for different versions of campaigns

Start: 00:22
Target: Female +35
Sector: Media & Entertainment

#AdTest #GRPevaluation


Product innovation: Discovering new consumer profiles in markets with low penetration

Start: 00:18
Target: Residents of non-urban areas
Sector: Media & Entertainment

#ConsumerStudies #ExploratoryPhases

Research Made Agile and Simple

The platform that improves the traditional model, helping you to conduct your consumer research more efficiently and frequently


We’ve automated the research process, removing unnecessary costs and providing you with relevant and accurate consumer insights more frequently and within a smaller budget.


Fast & Easy

In 3 steps, identify your target and ask them whatever you want, when you want. Get your results in 3 hours instead of waiting for days or weeks. Our mobile panels make it fast and easy.


100% Research

Accuracy and quality is at the core of our research. As opposed to a survey tool, Zinklar ensures you will always have in-depth consumer insights you can trust.


The Research SaaS

Our clients make smarter business decisions every day thanks to Zinklar. On average, a brand uses the platform to carry out:

1 project

per week

3 hours

of fieldwork


per project

Mobile Panels

Hand-picked by experts, our mobile panels are accessible and fast. We use mobile panels because we know they will provide you with the best quality results. Compared with other data gathering methods, mobile panels are a reliable and accurate information source.

While collecting the answers you need, our app is designed to guarantee that the survey respondent has understood the question, listened to the sound or watched the video. It even checks that the respondent’s microphone is turned on, prompting them if it isn’t.

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The Research SaaS

Bring the consumer to the heart of your organisation



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